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Monarch Airlines Monarch Airlines

These pages show punctuality and delay statistics for Monarch Airlines charter flights at UK reporting airports. Data is available for 2002 to 2015, when the airline ceased charter operations and concentrated solely on providing scheduled services. Simply select which year you are interested in below.

Please note that these pages analyse punctuality of Monarch Airlines charter flights only between 2002 and 2015 (flight code MON___). Monarch Scheduled flights (flight code ZB____) are analysed separately on this page.
Detailed Airline Statistics
Detailed Airport Statistics
Rolling Year to Date
 Monarch Airlines
Charter Flights
All UK Reporting Airport
Charter Flights
Jan '15 -
Dec '15
Jan '14 -
Dec '14
Jan '15 -
Dec '15
Jan '14 -
Dec '14
Average Delay (mins)26.0619.9816.9517.78
Within 15 mins (%)64.8168.4271.8772.52
Over 1 hour late (%)
Over 3 hours late (%)2.181.410.791.11
Total Flights Analysed1,1485,10886,68169,045
UK Charter Airline Ranking (Flight Delays: Jan '15 - Dec '15)
1stThomson Airways16.00 mins
2ndThomas Cook Airlines16.33 mins
3rdMonarch Airlines26.06 mins

Monarch Airlines charter flight punctuality reduced significantly during 2015 compared with 2014, the average delay increasing by 30% from 20 minutes to 26 minutes and on-time performance falling by 4 percentage points to 65%.

Compared to the UK charter flight average, Monarch Airlines charter flights had much worse punctuality across all delay categories during 2015.

Monarch Airlines ranked third out of three UK Charter Airlines for flight punctuality during 2015.
Summer 2015 Summer 2015
Monarch Airlines effectively discontinued charter flights after the winter 2014 / 2015 season, concentrating instead on dedicated scheduled services as a low-cost carrier as analysed here.
Winter 2014 / 2015 Winter 2014 / 2015
Note: A small number of flights at London Stansted (4) and Edinburgh (3) were not analysed.
Rank Airport Avg. Delay
Within 15
mins (%)
1 hour+
late (%)
3 hours+
late (%)
Total Flights
ALL AIRPORTS > > > 30.9261.0210.592.781,332
Monarch Airlines charter flights were delayed by an average of nearly 31 minutes with 61% on-time performance during the winter 2014 / 15 season, the poorest performance seen for the carrier in several years.

Monarch charter flights at London Gatwick had the best timekeeping during the season, though even these suffered an average delay of nearly 30 minutes only 61% on-time performance. Delays were longer at the other two UK reporting airports at which flights operated, with those at Manchester recording the next shortest average delay at 37 minutes and those at London Gatwick being held up by 39 minutes.