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Six months of Latest OTP stats published

18 Nov 2014
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BA CityFlyer dominated our Latest OTP league tables between January and June 2014, leading in all but one month during the period for timekeeping at UK Reporting Airports.

Figures have been re-stated following publication of corrected data from the UK CAA for the first three months of 2014, leading to some alterations.

The following listing shows the leading airline for each month of analysis, with a link to the respective Latest OTP page for that month, where the usual detailed breakdown is provided.

January 2014 - BA CityFlyer (91.2%)
February 2014 - BA CityFlyer (92.4%)
March 2014 - Aer Lingus (91.2%)
April 2014 - BA CityFlyer (89.6%)
May 2014 - BA CityFlyer (90.5%)
June 2014 - BA CityFlyer (90.2%)
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