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bmi lead August OTP table with 86%; easyJet trail

with just 66%

20 Nov 2015
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Scheduled flight on-time performance recovered slightly month-on-month from a record low in July 2015, increasing by 2.9 percentage points to reach 72.5% in August 2015, though this remained well below the 3 year August average OTP level of 78.7%.

bmi regional flights at UK Reporting Airports retained their lead over other UK & Ireland airlines during the month with an on-time performance rate of 86.4% recorded, 14 percentage points better than the UK average. Aer Lingus Regional (85.4% OTP) and BA CityFlyer (82.5% OTP) finished in second and third place respectively during the period.

easyJet flights once again had the worst timekeeping, with 65.5% OTP during August 2015, seven percentage points poorer than the UK average, marking the fifth consecutive month at the bottom of the OTP ranking for the low-cost carrier.

 Latest On-Time Performance Stats: August 2015
Scheduled AirlinesAug '15versus
UK Avg
12mths to
Aug '15
UK Avg
bmi regional86.4%+13.9ppt85.3%+8.7ppt
Aer Lingus Regional85.4%+12.9ppt84.1%+7.5ppt
BA CityFlyer82.5%+10.0ppt85.6%+9.0ppt
Eastern Airways78.5%+6.0ppt81.4%+4.8ppt
Monarch (Scheduled)76.1%+3.6ppt80.2%+3.6ppt
Virgin Atlantic74.7%+2.2ppt80.3%+3.7ppt
Aer Lingus74.0%+1.5ppt80.7%+4.1ppt
British Airways69.5%-3.0ppt73.8%-2.8ppt
Charter AirlinesAug '15versus
UK Avg
12mths to
Aug '15
UK Avg
Thomas Cook69.9%+1.7ppt76.3%+3.7ppt

Full details at our August 2015 Latest OTP page.
Largest UK & Ireland Airlines.
On-Time Performance: % of flights operating up to 15 minutes late.
Data at 24 UK Reporting Airports.
British Airways flights also had worse than average punctuality during August with an OTP level of 69.5%.

There were very few changes in the year to date OTP rankings for the 12 months ending 31 August 2015, BA CityFlyer flights retaining first position recording 85.6%, with bmi regional close behind in second with 85.3% and Aer Lingus Regional in third with 84.1%.

easyJet and British Airways flights suffered the worst timekeeping for the 12 month period, our analysis showing their OTP levels at 73.3% and 73.8% respectively at UK Reporting Airports.

Charter flight on-time performance fell to 68.2% during August 2015, a peak month for summer holiday flights. This was well below the 3 year August average OTP level for charter services - 76.0%.

For the two analysed charter carriers, Thomas Cook Airlines remained in top position during the month of August with 69.9% OTP - ahead of Thomson Airways flights which achieved 67.2% OTP.

For the rolling year to 31 August 2015 the charter airline ranking was the same, with Thomas Cook (76.3% OTP) leading over Thomson Airways (73.2% OTP).
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