Summer 2007 UK Charter Airline Punctuality
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The summer 2007 season saw an almost static overall average delay profile for the major UK charter airlines compared with the previous two years, despite our hopes for an overall improvement in timekeeping, the average delay remaining at around 26 minutes and on-time performance at 68%, with 1 in 10 charter flights delayed by over an hour.

As with every season however there were some improvements in timekeeping and airlines who deserve special mention for their punctual service during summer 2007.

MyTravel Airways was the most punctual UK charter airline of the summer season for the second consecutive year, ahead of runner-up Thomsonfly. Both airlines were awarded for their punctuality during the season.

Monarch Airlines were also awarded as the Most Improved UK Charter Airline, in recognition of their significant improvement in timekeeping since summer 2006. The airline finished the season in third position overall in summer 2007.

MyTravel Airways was the most punctual UK charter airline during summer 2007, according to statistics released by the Civil Aviation Authority and analysed by FlightOnTime.info, for the second consecutive year.

The airline recorded an average delay of 19.95 minutes and operated nearly 79% of flights on-time, the best performance of all the UK charter airlines analysed over the season.

MyTravel punctuality was particularly impressive at Newcastle and Birmingham airports, with average delays of less than 10 minutes at both airports and in the case of Newcastle 90% on-time performance recorded.

Thomsonfly finished the season in runner-up position, closely following MyTravel with an average delay of 20.29 minutes, but poorer on-time performance at 73%.

The airline had very good timekeeping overall recording a good improvement year-on-year with a 15% reduction in average delay.

Thomsonfly charter flights at London Stansted had very good timekeeping, and the airline was the most punctual UK charter carrier at London Gatwick during the season.

Our "Most Improved Charter Airline" award was presented to Monarch Airlines for the summer 2007 season, in recognition of their significant improvement in punctuality year-on-year.

Previously near the bottom of the UK charter airline punctuality league table, Monarch reduced their average delay significantly from 41 minutes in summer 2006 to 27 minutes this year, an improvement of over 34%, and finished the 2007 season in third position overall.

The airline also increased the on-time performance of their charter flights by five percentage points, and significantly reduced the proportion of flights delayed in excess of 1 hour and in excess of 3 hours from 16.6% and 5.1% respectively in summer 2006 to 11.3% and 2.3% respectively in summer 2007.
Monarch punctuality at Birmingham during the season was particularly noteworthy, with the average flight delayed by only 14 minutes and 78% on-time performance, the airline finishing in second position overall at the airport.

Summer 2007 UK Charter Airline Punctuality
The following table shows punctuality and average delay data for UK charter airlines during the summer 2007 season over the period 1st April 2007 to 31st October 2007 inclusive.
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Data Methodology UK Charter Airline Punctuality
Summer 2007

Users should take note of our Data Methodology, which details the method by which the data is both gathered and analysed.

S07 Rank Airline Average Delay
1 hour+ late
3 hours+ late
Total Flights
Change in Average Delay YoY
1 MyTravel Airways 19.95 14.66 78.89 82.74 7.48 5.49 2.12 1.47 10,296 10,061 +36.10%
2 Thomsonfly 20.29 23.90 73.72 73.16 7.07 8.75 1.91 2.64 18,863 19,716 -15.11%
3 Monarch Airlines 26.83 40.86 62.36 57.02 11.27 16.64 2.27 5.13 6,734 7,388 -34.33%
4 First Choice Airways 26.91 22.74 62.88 66.70 10.69 8.88 2.26 1.75 15,970 15,937 +18.35%
5 Astraeus 27.29 35.47 64.33 57.28 11.13 16.34 2.87 3.99 1,671 2,533 -23.06%
6 XL Airways 29.79 36.53 70.30 63.28 10.33 14.04 3.55 4.48 10,125 11,516 -18.46%
7 Thomas Cook Airlines 31.48 21.74 61.24 70.41 14.13 8.89 3.26 1.99 15,508 15,511 +44.80%
8 Flyjet 62.94 65.66 55.40 58.15 20.09 19.72 7.20 8.95 861 994 -4.13%
Average (Above 8 Airlines) 26.09 26.25 68.02 69.13 10.20 10.19 2.58 2.80 80,028 83,656 -0.60%
Average (All Charter Flights) 26.85 26.88 66.41 67.25 10.65 10.60 2.56 2.73 90,321 97,287 -0.12%
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Table Notes

* OTP = On-Time Performance, percentage of flights operating early, on-time or up to 15 minutes late
All charter flight movements (arrivals and departures) were analysed at all 10 UK Reporting Airports** for each airline except where a small number of flights were operated which were excluded from the analysis, as follows (exclusions apply to 2006 season):

MyTravel Airways: Edinburgh (16); London Luton (4)
First Choice Airways: Newcastle (6)
Astraeus: London Luton (5); London Stansted (4); Glasgow (3); Birmingham (2)
XL Airways: Edinburgh (9)
Thomas Cook Airlines: Edinburgh (2)

** - 10 UK Reporting Airports: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, Manchester, London Stansted, Newcastle

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