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7 Sep 2017
Aer Lingus and BA CityFlyer on top in May 2017
Aer Lingus and BA CityFlyer on top in May 2017
Aer Lingus flights led the OTP league table for May 2017 for a seventh consecutive month with 84% OTP, followed closely by BA CityFlyer in second with 83% OTP.
26 Aug 2017
Jan-Mar 2017 Punctuality Statistics
Jan-Mar 2017 Punctuality Statistics
Punctuality data for the first quarter of 2017 has been uploaded across the site. Aer Lingus were in first position among scheduled airlines, with Scandinavian SAS and Aer Lingus Regional finishing runners-up.
19 May 2017
London Southend Airport Data Added
London Southend Airport Data Added
With effect from January 2017 data, we are now including punctuality of London Southend flights, bringing the total number of UK airports where data is analysed to 25.
9 May 2017
2016 Punctuality Data Released
2016 Punctuality Data Released
Punctuality data for the full year 2016 has been uploaded across the site. Qatar Airways was in first position among scheduled airlines, with KLM finishing runner-up. The low-cost airlines ranking saw flybe in first position, with Ryanair in second place.
 Latest On-Time Performance Stats
Scheduled Airlines May '17 versus
UK Avg
12mths to
May '17
UK Avg
Aer Lingus 84.0% +8.7ppt 82.9% +9.8ppt
BA CityFlyer 83.0% +7.7ppt 76.0% +2.9ppt
Aer Lingus Regional 82.3% +7.0ppt 80.6% +7.5ppt
British Airways 80.5% +5.2ppt 75.6% +2.5ppt
flybe 79.1% +3.8ppt 78.8% +5.7ppt
Loganair 78.3% +3.0ppt 80.4% +7.3ppt
Eastern Airways 77.8% +2.5ppt 74.1% +1.0ppt
Ryanair 77.4% +2.1ppt 74.2% +1.1ppt
Jet2 77.2% +1.9ppt 73.4% +0.3ppt
Virgin Atlantic 76.2% +0.9ppt 77.9% +4.8ppt
easyJet 67.5% -7.8ppt 65.1% -8.0ppt
Thomson Airways 67.4% -7.9ppt 68.1% -5.0ppt
Monarch Airlines 67.3% -8.0ppt 71.6% -1.5ppt
bmi regional 65.9% -9.4ppt 70.9% -2.2ppt
Thomas Cook Airlines 65.9% -9.4ppt 69.5% -3.6ppt

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Last updated 7 Sep 2017. Data updated monthly. Largest UK & Ireland Airlines.
Next update: Jun 2017 stats, on 17 Oct 2017. Data at 25 UK Reporting Airports.
All Thomas Cook and Thomson flights considered scheduled services since Jan '16.
On-Time Performance: % of flights operating up to 15 minutes late.
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