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Aer Lingus retain best OTP score in February 2016;

significant drop for BA CityFlyer

13 Jun 2016
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Aer Lingus secured their second consecutive month at the top of our UK & Ireland airlines OTP league table for February 2016, with partner airline Aer Lingus Regional in second place and Virgin Atlantic climbing five places since January to secure third position. BA CityFlyer had an unusually poor month finishing 14th, followed by Thomson Airways in last place.

Overall OTP
  Feb 2016 Rolling Year to 29 Feb 2016
  OTP Month Chg. vs. 3-yr
Feb Avg.
OTP Month Chg. vs. 3-yr
Scheduled Flights 79.1% -0.1ppt -3.1ppt 76.4% -0.2ppt -1.7ppt

Overall scheduled flight OTP levels at UK Reporting Airports remained constant between January and February 2016, at 79.1%, though this was poorer than the 3-year February average level of 82.2%.

During the rolling 12 month period ending 29 February 2016 on-time performance fell slightly compared to the rolling year to 31 January 2016, from 76.6% to 76.4%, some 1.7 percentage points below the 3-year average level.

Latest Month: February 2016
Rank Chg. Airline OTP Versus UK
1 No Change Aer Lingus 88.2% +9.1ppt
2 Up 1 Aer Lingus Regional 86.9% +7.8ppt
3 Up 5 Virgin Atlantic 85.1% +6.0ppt
4 Down 2 flybe 82.9% +3.8ppt
5 Up 1 British Airways 82.0% +2.9ppt
6 Down 2 bmi regional 81.3% +2.2ppt
7 No Change Ryanair 80.6% +1.5ppt
8 Up 2 Eastern Airways 80.2% +1.1ppt
9 No Change Monarch Airlines 78.2% -0.9ppt
10 Up 1 easyJet 75.8% -3.3ppt
11 Up 2 Loganair 75.7% -3.4ppt
12 Up 2 Jet2 74.5% -4.6ppt
13 Down 1 Thomas Cook Airlines 71.8% -7.3ppt
14 Down 9 BA CityFlyer 70.8% -8.3ppt
15 No Change Thomson Airways 65.7% -13.4ppt
Aer Lingus secured their second consecutive month at the top of our UK & Ireland airlines OTP league table at UK Reporting Airports, recording 88.2% on-time performance during February 2016, around nine percentage points better than the UK average.

Aer Lingus Regional flights climbed to second position with 86.9% OTP, and Virgin Atlantic made a significant gain climbing five places to secure third position with 85.1% OTP (up from 80.4% the previous month).

British Airways continued their recent trend of achieving strong OTP levels with 82% recorded in February 2016, having suffered well below average timekeeping during most of 2015.

At the bottom of the table for the second month Thomson Airways flights achieved just 65.7% on-time performance, more than 13 percentage points below the UK average.

Unusually, BA CityFlyer were in 14th place, their OTP dropping from 85% in January to 71% in February, by far the worst monthly on-time performance level recorded for the regional carrier since we began analysing monthly OTP in January 2012.

For the rolling year to 29 February 2016, bmi regional retained first place with 84.3% OTP, nearly eight percentage points above the UK avearge. BA CityFlyer followed in second with 83.2% OTP and flybe in third with 82.0% OTP.

The only change to the rolling year league table compared with the year to 31 January 2016 was Eastern Airways losing two places in the ranking to 7th position, with Aer Lingus and Ryanair consequently each climbing by one place to take 5th and 6th respectively.

Thomson Airways and easyJet flights had the poorest OTP levels for the 12 month period, both recording around 71% on-time performance, around five percentage points worse than the UK average.
Rolling Year to 29 February 2016
Rank Chg. Airline OTP Versus UK
1 No Change bmi regional 84.3% +7.9ppt
2 No Change BA CityFlyer 83.2% +6.8ppt
3 No Change flybe 82.0% +5.6ppt
4 No Change Aer Lingus Regional 81.3% +4.9ppt
5 Up 1 Aer Lingus 80.7% +4.3ppt
6 Up 1 Ryanair 80.3% +3.9ppt
7 Down 2 Eastern Airways 80.2% +3.8ppt
8 No Change Monarch Airlines 79.4% +3.0ppt
9 No Change Virgin Atlantic 78.9% +2.5ppt
10 No Change Jet2 77.5% +1.1ppt
11 No Change Thomas Cook Airlines 75.2% -1.2ppt
12 No Change British Airways 74.8% -1.6ppt
13 No Change Loganair 74.1% -2.3ppt
14 No Change easyJet 71.2% -5.2ppt
15 No Change Thomson Airways 69.2% -7.2ppt
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