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Update Schedule

This page last updated
7 Sep 2017
Next update to this page due
17 Oct 2017

See below for the full site Update Schedule
This section lists the current status of data on the site, along with planned dates for the data on the site to be revised to the latest version over the next year. The main scheduled punctuality statistics are updated on a quarterly basis and our latest OTP data is updated monthly, with end-of-season updates for charter punctuality statistics.

Latest Site Update / Current Data Status

Site last updated
Thu 7 September 2017
Latest OTP Stats Online
Year to May 2017
Charter Stats Online
Up to December 2015
Scheduled Stats Online
Up to March 2017
(2017 Jan-Mar)

Next Site Update / Data Revision

Next update due
Tue 17 October 2017
Latest OTP Stats Update
Year to June 2017
Charter Stats Update
No Update
Scheduled Stats Update
2017 Jan-Jun

Future Site Updates (provisional)

Date Latest OTP Statistics Charter Statistics Scheduled Statistics
Tue 31 October 2017 July 2017 No Update No Update
Fri 17 November 2017 August 2017 No Update No Update
To be confirmed
(Subject to actual release date of CAA source data for the respective month. Proposed dates will appear here once known.)
September 2017 No Update 2017 Jan-Sep
October 2017 No Update No Update
November 2017 No Update No Update
December 2017 No Update 2017 Jan-Dec
January 2018 No Update No Update
February 2018 No Update No Update
March 2018 No Update 2018 Jan-Mar
April 2018 No Update No Update

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